"Relève-Élite" teams

Financial support for training groups
To be eligible for the services of the Montreal Excellence in Sport program, clubs, teams, training groups and coaches must first contact the person responsible for the Montreal Excellence in Sport program.

Conditions to be met for a request for financial support

The "Relève-Élite" teams must:

  • Working on the island of Montreal
  • Supervise at least one athlete at the "Relève" or "Élite" level;

*Sport-Études groups with "Relève" and/or "Élite" level athletes can also apply.

Value of support

The value of the support depends on the number of athletes identified as "Relève" and "Élite" by their sport federation who train with the team. The amount will be determined following the evaluation of the request.

Services offered to "Relève-Élite" teams

Financial support for "Relève-Élite" teams;
New - Montreal Sports Excellence Evaluation Laboratory;
Access to the Integrated Support Team (IST) project;
Access to the Montreal Excellence sportif training rooms and spaces;

Eligible expenses

Reimbursement for sports medicine services*;
Reimbursement for coaching science services*.

*Services must be received by certified practitioners
**This type of support does not provide reimbursement for travel expenses to competitions or training camps.

When to apply

Applications are accepted at any time. Three cohorts of financial support for "Relève-Élite" teams are available.


July 1 to June 30
October 1 to September 30
January 1 to December 31

Resource person

To apply for financial support for a "Relève-Élite" team or for any difficulties or questions, contact the person responsible for the ESM program, Frédérik Laberge