Mandate and services in regional sports

The Conseil du sport de Montréal is fully committed to the development of sports organizations on the Island of Montreal. The Conseil du sport de Montréal's mandate is to support and guide these organizations in their growth and professionalization, enabling them to bring the benefits of sport to young people and local residents.

The main clients targeted by the organization's regional sports development services are : 

  • Regional sports associations
  • Multi-sport organizations
  • Linked districts and towns
  • Regional clubs
  • Sports partners

The issues facing sports organizations in the region are numerous, and have been discussed at length at a number of meetings and gatherings, including the 2016, 2018, 2020 and 2023 Sommets du sport de Montréal. These include financing, human resources management (coaches, officials, volunteers, etc.), governance, access to sports infrastructures and facilities, development and promotion.


The Conseil du sport de Montréal's support is deployed through three categories of services

  • Supporting and facilitating
  • Communicating, informing and referring
  • Promoting, enhancing and recognizing

In addition to providing services to sports organizations, the Conseil du sport works in conjunction with the Ville de Montréal and certain multisport organizations tobring about positive, lasting change in the regional sports ecosystem.