Regional Sport Mandate and Services


The Conseil du sport de Montréal is fully committed to the development of sports organizations on the island of Montreal. Through its role of supporting and accompanying organizations, the Conseil du sport de Montréal's mandate is to help them progress, among other things, towards growth and professionalization in order to allow young people and citizens of the territory to benefit from the benefits of sport.


The main clients targeted by the organization's services at the regional sport development level are the : 

  • Regional sports associations
  • Multi-sport organizations
  • Boroughs and related cities
  • Regional Clubs
  • Sporting partners


The issues facing sport organizations in the territory are numerous and have been enumerated extensively in several meetings and gatherings, including the 2016, 2018 and 2020 Montreal Sport Summits. These include financing, human resource management (coaches, officials, volunteers, etc.), governance, access to sports infrastructures and facilities, and development and promotion.


Thus, the Conseil du sport de Montréal's support is deployed through three categories of services: 

  • Supporting and facilitating
  • Communicate, inform and refer
  • Promote, value and recognize


In addition to providing services to sport organizations, the Sport Council works with the City of Montreal and selected multi-sport organizations to bring about positive and sustainable change in the regional sport ecosystem.






Resource person

If your sport organization would like to be supported by the Sport Council or if you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact our Regional Sport Development Manager, Vincent Dumas.