The Conseil du sport de Montréal takes advantage of essential partners in order to offer its basic services.

As a non-profit organization, the Conseil du sport de Montréal is always looking for additional partners to provide even more services to athletes, coaches and event organizers. A partnership with the Conseil du sport de Montréal is a partnership with model athletes who will become model citizens.

To join our team of partners, please contact Laurier Thériault


The Conseil du sport de Montréal contributes, through its mandate and its various missions, to the promotion of organized sport in Montreal and of the actors who make sport happen.

We count on the support of several partners to achieve our goals.

  • You want to take part in the development of sport in Montreal.
  • Do you want to enable the next generation of athletes to achieve their athletic goals?

So don't wait any longer and become a partner of the leader of the Montreal sports community!