Sport at the heart of Montreal's identity

The Montréal 2023 Sports Summit is a must-attend event for the Québec and Montréal sports community.

For the 4th edition of the Sommet du sport, the theme of sport at the heart of Montreal's identity will be addressed.

Also co-chairing the event were Caroline Bourgeois, Executive Committee Vice-President responsible for major parks, Mount Royal and sports, and Danièle Sauvageau, President of the Conseil du sport de Montréal.

Through the organization of panels, conferences and workshops, players in the Montreal sports scene will be able to address the various themes that affect their day-to-day issues.

Topics discussed at the Montréal Sport Summit

  • Accessibility and inclusion in sport
  • Sports development
  • Sports events
  • Safe and healthy sport
  • Top-level sport and the path to top-level sport
  • Positioning the sport

Partners of the Sommet du sport de Montréal