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Who are the accredited speakers?

Many sports performance professionals are involved with athletes aiming for excellence. Whether they are kinesiologists or physical trainers; nutritionists or mental preparation consultants; biomechanists or neuropsychologists; physiotherapists or osteopaths; all of these professionals can make a big, positive difference in the life of an athlete. But before they can be accredited by the ESM program, all of these professionals must prove their competence.

Stakeholders are classified into 3 levels of accreditation.
Elite-Relève 1: for practitioners working with recognized Relève or Élite athletes
Elite-Relève 2: for practitioners working with recognized Relève or Élite athletes who have accumulated more experience
Excellence Level: for practitioners working with athletes recognized as Excellence

List of accredited speakers

Consult the list of ESM accredited speakers

By clicking on the link below, you will be redirected to the official list of medical-scientific stakeholders in the INS Quebec network. This platform aims to centralize the requests of interest of Quebec professionals wishing to contribute to the development of high performance athletes.

Sports medicine and training science partners


Kinesiology and Physiotherapy

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Performance Meter


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Center Replay

Physiotherapy Clinic


ProDev Performance

Physiotherapy Clinic

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