Montreal Sports Council

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The Conseil du sport de Montréal aims to be the leader in the integrated development of sports in Montreal and, in so doing, contributes to an active and dynamic life for the residents of this territory while aiming to promote the island of Montreal as a renowned sports agglomeration.

The Conseil du sport de Montréal provides leadership in promoting and defending the interests of the city's sport community. It is committed to the development, accessibility and enhancement of sport.


We are passionate about achieving our mission.


We are working with the sport community.


We respond effectively to the various issues facing the sport community.


We advocate access to sport for all.

We have thought of the membership project as a way to develop more collective and collaborative achievement. Our project involves a greater consideration and valorization of human needs satisfied by doing things together. We believe that the quality of active and/or committed member will give an additional strength to the Montreal sport community.

The objectives of the Conseil du sport de Montréal are to

  • To manage the membership of regional associations, regional sponsors and other sport stakeholders on the island of Montreal;
  • To defend and promote the interests of the members with local, municipal, provincial and national sports and political authorities;
  • Develop and implement a service offer to members (access to the members' directory, dissemination and promotion of sports events, access to the volunteer database, support in applying for grants, support in the development of a sports event, proposal of sports panels, expertise in communication, sports development...).

2 distinct membership categories:

  • Partner members are those organizations or corporations approved by the Board of Directors of the Conseil du sport de Montréal through a membership process managed by the Conseil du sport de Montréal. Each partner member must identify, by resolution of its Board of Directors, a person to represent it. The partner member must confirm this representation in writing at least fifteen (15) days prior to the membership meeting.
  • Individual members are those individuals who support the mission of the WSC and who are recognized as such and approved, by the Board of Directors, through a selection process managed by the Board...

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A facilitated, multi-year membership model

The Montreal Sports Council sets its membership fee at $40/year or $100/3 years.