Sports volunteering

Throughout the year, the island of Montreal is the scene of many sporting events. Whether international, national, provincial or regional, these events monopolize dozens, if not hundreds, of volunteers with a wide range of skills.

Organizing committee

Every competition needs not only sports specialists, but also drivers, IT specialists, catering staff, security guards, handlers and much more. The Conseil du sport de Montréal is responsible for relaying the volunteer needs of the city's sports organizations to its database. The Conseil will be happy to match volunteers with your sporting events.


To enable us to launch a call for volunteers to our database, please send an email to our Communications Manager, Emilie Builly, with the following information: 
  • Event name
  • Event website
  • Date (of volunteer needs)
  • Short description of the event (50 words max)
  • Short description of the benefits of volunteering at your event (50 words max)
  • Event image (landscape format) or event logo
  • Link to volunteer registration form

Become a volunteer

You may know absolutely nothing about a particular sport, but be a volunteer whose work is invaluable to the organization and success of a competition. By contributing your energy and enthusiasm, you'll play a key role in creating unforgettable moments, and have the chance to experience major events up close. 

Are you an experienced volunteer or someone wishing to give some of their free time to help organize major sporting events?

Don't hesitate to sign up for our e-mail list of volunteer needs!