Edition 2024

The Conseil du sport de Montréal is delighted to present the new edition of the Rendez-vous des athlètes. This event invites sports clubs on the island of Montreal to challenge the sporting skills of their athletes.


The program includes 7 sports stations supervised by Actiforme kinesiologists, testingbalance,power, flexibility,agility and coordination, strength,muscular resistance, precision,cardiovascular endurance andreaction and cognitive time. Over and above your physical skills, this is an opportunity to build a strong team spirit as you embark on your sporting season.


Rendez-vous des athlètes | September 27, 2024 | 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Claude Robillard Sports Complex


Days to event
Young athletes expected
Sports resorts

For this new edition, 7 sports resorts will be presented.

20-meter sprint

Using state-of-the-art equipment, athletes will complete a series of 30 20-meter sprints as a team. They will have to use strategies to achieve the minimum cumulative time. This station will focus on acceleration and speed.


The technology from Neurotracker technology is a cognitive training system. Athletes will be able to develop their concentration skills. Athletes must be able to follow the four balls that will light up, among all the balls, and identify them at the end of the 8 seconds.


The basketball station features three workshops to develop athletes' agility, coordination and precision. You can try out wheelchair basketball, practice dribbling technique and perfect basket shooting.

Yoga accrobatique

As a team, athletes will perform acro yoga figures with the Asana performance team.


This station is a relay triathlon revisited. Athletes have 12 minutes to burn as many calories as possible as a team on a treadmill, stationary bike and rowing machine. They'll need to determine the best strategy for running efficient relays and conserving energy. This station will test cardiovascular endurance.

Team spirit

The aim is to enable teams to develop their cohesion and team spirit. The station will feature activities such as a team shout-out, cooperative games and a team photo shoot.


This station is designed to develop technical skills and motor behavior in the lower limbs (coordination, agility, proprioception). Athletes can also test their ball control, passing and shooting skills.