CAFA NATATION: Learning, fun and performance

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CAFA Swimming

It's in the northeast of Montreal that swimmers, all in blue, come together to swim and enjoy the benefits of swimming. At Club aquatique les Fouiqs d'Anjou (CAFA), the enjoyment of the sport and the development of swimmers in the Anjou region is a priority. The drive and motivation of general manager Oksana Bogush, as well as the involvement of parents and children, make this club a family united for the pleasure of water.

"Swim for life" with the help of the initiation section.

At the École secondaire d'Anjou pool, you can learn to swim at any age, regardless of your initial level. Through the nationally recognized "Swim for Life" program, the CAFA Club is on hand to teach you the rudiments of swimming.

If you're looking for a sport with physical and mental benefits, swimming is for you. Boosting your mental health, gently toning up your body, improving your cardiovascular capacities, all are possible in contact with water. Young and old, swimming is good for all ages.

"To form and operate a sports club, to promote and encourage sport, fitness in general and aquatic sports is our identity," say the members of the CAFA Board of Directors.

At the Fouiqs d'Anjou aquatic club, the watchwords are "surpassing oneself" and "the pleasure of sport". Under the guidance of Oksana Bogush, accompanied by 3 trainers and 20 lifeguards, breaststroke, crawl, backstroke and other strokes will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Through various modules, everyone is welcome to discover or deepen their swimming skills. In a fun, interactive way, the main objective is to develop aquatic skills and a positive attitude towards water.

The 4 swimming lanes are also appreciated by more experienced swimmers, and the cohabitation of discovery and performance is possible at Anjou.

"The pleasure of swimming and surpassing oneself through competition.

If you or your child have a particular interest in swimming, CAFA natation can meet your needs by offering more technical courses through the competitive stream.

"Promoting the development of swimmers to their full potential and bringing them to a high level of competition is another part of our identity", as the members of the CAFA Board of Directors tell us.

The "pleasure of performing" is the DNA of Club Aquatique d'Anjou and of Oksana Bogush, General Manager and former national team athlete.

"Listening, friendliness, adaptability and involvement are, for me, indispensable qualities in my job as a coach," she confides.

Despite the 4 lanes available, CAFA swimming does not prevent its athletes from having access to everything they need to perform and excel (equipment, massage therapist, energizing snacks during competitions, training camp (1 week during the holiday season outdoors), summer day camp, end-of-season activities, end-of-year party, etc.).

Through various groups, any athlete wishing to surpass themselves and develop their swimming potential is supported and guided right up to competition.

"We are also developing a recognition program for competitive swimmers. This program is designed to encourage athletes who perform well but are not fortunate enough to have access to medals to excel."

Oksana Bogush also encourages athletes with the desire and potential to continue their development and stay in their sport by allowing them to work as assistant instructors, monitors or even lifeguards.

"Incredible" is how its members describe the club. Driven by water, the pleasure of meeting up and surpassing oneself together, the CAFA club has launched an administrative request for the construction of an aquatic space in Anjou.

More than a swimming club, the Club d'Anjou is a close-knit, authentic family. People, personal growth and development are the club's core strengths.

Don't hesitate to contact the Fouiqs d'Anjou aquatic club and dive into the adventure with them!