The "Sporty Matters" Program comes to life!

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The "Du Sport en Plus" program got underway last Saturday, April 29. Around Scott Simons, a dozen young athletes from the CAFA Swimming Club, accompanied by their parents, gathered. They honored the first workshop with the theme "Stress Management".

Mr. Simons has agreed to be part of the Sport Council's speaker cohort to pass on his values and experience to the younger generation.

This was the first conference held as part of the "Accompanying young athletes in the east end of Montreal and providing them with activities in the form of training and workshops".

The Sport Council and the young athletes met with Scott Simons at the Anjou Community Centre. An expert in health and wellness, he is a passionate speaker on the importance of "real" breathing and the willingness to share simple tools for wellness.

"I feel privileged and honored to be part of this project, which can help young people better manage their stress, their anxiety, their health, their breathing, their potential. For me, this generation is the future" says the expert.

It all started with a simple question: "How is your breathing today? Stress, breathing, energy, potential were the key words of the conference. Through exercises, scenarios, reflections and explanations, Scott Simons gave the young athletes many simple and quick tools to increase their potential and decrease their anxiety.

They left feeling relaxed and now know the importance of mindful breathing. Mr. Simons also emphasized that the competitive spirit does not rhyme with stress. A competition is about "reaching a goal together, not destroying the opponent. The importance is to grow and learn about ourselves.

This first workshop will lead to another one... Young athletes, sports clubs, associations in the east end of Montreal, get ready, the program is launched! Don't hesitate to join us to seize new opportunities!

Maude LACASSE coordinates the program with the help of Vincent DUMAS, responsible for regional sport development at the Montreal Sports Council: she is at your disposal for a future collaboration and will be happy to accompany you!