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By Emilie Builly (Communications and Marketing Manager, Conseil du sport de Montréal)

What does a sports center mean to you? A place where sporting activities take place. Yes but not only! For us, a sports center is a place where enthusiasts of all ages can come together. enthusiasts of all ages, a place where young and old alike can develop in a safe and healthy environment, but also a place that exudes effort, accomplishment, team spirit and discipline, perseverance and resilience.

So when we hear of a project for a new sports center in our metropolis, we can't help but look forward to seeing it come to life. the idea of seeing it come to life, because we see in this project a real potential for social bonding potential. And we're in a good position to talk about it, because every day we move around at the heart of the Claude-Robillard sports complex, a legacy of the 1976 Olympics that sees hundreds of hundreds of sportsmen and women, beginners, professionals, young and old, come together for the same same goal: to do sport and feel good!

So no, it's not right that Montréal-Nord is the only territory of its size in without a sports center or indoor pool. The residents of Montréal-Nord shouldn't have to travel several kilometers by public transit to access a access to quality sports facilities.

That's why it's so important to call on all the players in the sporting world in the to rally them to this cause, but also to make the government aware of the importance of the awareness of the importance of the project, which will make a significant contribution to its to its success.


Be part of the adventure and support sports in Montréal-Nord :


The project has also been publicly supported by a number of local personalities, including Bennedict Mathurin, Etienne Boulay, Mathieu Joseph, Farah Jacques and Laurent Duvernay-Tardif:


A project that will change the lives of several generations!

On the site of the former Garon arena, the Borough of Montréal-Nord will build a sports center comprising :

  • a double gymnasium
  • a gymnastics palestra
  • two water basins
  • a training room
  • a three-lane walking track
  • a multi-purpose hall
  • 300-seat bleachers

To date, an initial funding ceiling has been reached, enabling the aquatic section to be built. However, we still need to raise another 50% in order to have any hope of financing the construction of the entire sports center.