Center of Excellence in Karate of Quebec, a "unique" club.

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In the north of Montreal, there is a coach by the name of François Persico, who trains high level athletes and who can also pass on his knowledge to your children. At his martial arts school, the only single-sport karate center in Canada and recognized by the National Institute of Sport (INS), everyone is welcome. Named Karaté Métropolis, it also bears the name Centre d'Excellence en Karaté du Québec. With 4 tatamis, the founder has succeeded in creating an alchemy between sport and excellence.

A school with great values and open to all.

"We want to offer karate to everyone," said François Persico, owner of the school and member of the Karaté Québec high performance committee. "Our mandate is excellence but we also have a mandate of traditional Shotokan karate through classes that we offer in the evening.

Discipline, development of confidence and mastery of gestures are skills that are learned in karate. It is a complete sport since it allows the development of cardio, endurance and muscle building. Children, teenagers and even adults are all invited to the evening class taught by certified coaches. All levels are accepted so that everyone can learn at their own pace.

If you want your child to develop through great values, Karate
Metropolis is the solution. "I am not an entertainer. If I ask a child if he had fun today, he has to answer: no, but I learned," says Mr. Persico, head coach of the sport-study group at the Quebec Karate Centre of Excellence.

"I'm not a motivator, I'm there to support the motivation of the athletes," he adds.

Having grown up in Montreal-North, François Persico, who is also the head coach of the
team in combat, wishes to help this neighborhood to develop and to propel itself towards excellence.

"We have a social role, a community mission. We want to help young athletes who would not initially be able to come to us but who have physical abilities and a desire to develop in karate!
We want to help young athletes who would not initially be able to come to us but who have physical abilities and a desire to develop in karate! By joining the Sport Matters program initiated by the Sport Council, he is making karate accessible to as many people as possible. This is a real opportunity to learn from the best!

A sport-study component for the most passionate!

For each child who has karate in his or her blood, the club also offers a Center of Excellence in karate
of Excellence in karate which allows him/her to benefit from a unique opportunity to combine academic success and sports success through a sport-study program. The karate school is a partner of seven schools.

"We have a very strong mandate to provide our members with an elite development environment.
development context for our members. We want to place as many people as possible on the Quebec team and then on the Canadian team. If someone is looking for a performance karate club in Montreal, we are the reference," says Mr. Persico convincingly.

Support is also guaranteed: qualified coaches, physical trainers, mental trainers and medical follow-up at the INS centre in the Olympic Park are included in the package,
mental coach and medical follow-up at the INS center in the Olympic Park are included in the package. The infrastructure has been designed to support the development of the athletes.

Perseverance and surpassing oneself are required to reach the highest level and develop your child's potential. The key word at Karaté Métropolis is "development". "We are here to develop athletes so sometimes the workouts are long but that is what it takes to develop their potential, it is repetition and volume."

More than a karate club, the Centre d'Excellence en Karaté du Québec also offers activities parallel to the sports field, notably by organizing conferences with multiple athletes and speakers. This extra-sporting aspect will also be developed following the adhesion to the program Du sport en Plus, initiated by the Sport.

Authentic, unique and with multiple values, the karate club of the north of Montreal will be happy to accompany you in your sporting projects. Don't hesitate to contact them and try karate!